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2023 Q1

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  • Product V1 - Early Access

    Stable release for Rocketgraph: Build apps in minutes, not weeks
  • AWS RDS support with Postgres DB pre-configured

    Projects created in rocketgraph are powered by AWS RDS Postgres DB with 8 GB storage that is connected and pre-configured with a Hasura console. So no extra effort is needed by the developer
  • Hasura Console support

    Every project created spins up a Hasura console connected to the RDS Database so you can explore you data, write authorization rules, SQL editor, GraphQL APIs, Crons and much more. see :
  • Hasura batteries authentication

    Authentication using email/password, social logins, OTP and magic link are supported right out of the box. Users table is generated on Postgres db that stores your authenticated users
  • Serverless functions

    Connect your Github repository and our Github bot will pick up latest commits automatically, compile them in a sandboxed environment and deploy them as thin AWS Lambdas

2023 Q2

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Working on
  • Product V2 - Early Access

    Stable release for Rocketgraph: Build apps in minutes, not weeks
  • AWS RDS Advanced logging - Early Access

    Add powerfull logging to your RDS Database to complex query, filter and set alarms on your most critical data right from Rocketgraph dashboard.
  • OpenAI integrations

    Build Machine learning models on you Postgres data and train AI Chatbots to answer context aware questions using OpenAI API.
  • DB Seeds

    Seed your DB with production quality seed automatically generated from your Postgres schema. Share these "snapshots" with other developers in your team to code in a collaborative environment.

2023 Q3

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  • Product V3 - Early Access

    Rocketgraph: A fully managed PAAS
  • Email

    Support Handlebars like email templating for writing custom email and schedule crons for sending to your users. Also add support for forgot password and other cron emails

2023 Q4

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  • Product V4 - Early Access

    Rocketgraph: A fully managed PAAS
  • OpenAI kill switch

    Kill your OpenAI API keys when you exceed usage limits. set hard limits on your OpenAI usage
  • Full blown AI studio

    Create chatbots for your website based on your Postgres data. Build complex machine learning models on a pay-as-you-go plan.