Create full blown production grade web applications in minutes

  • PostgreSQL DB
  • Hasura Console
  • GraphQL API
  • Authentication
  • Social logins support
  • JS SDKs to get you started
  • Example setups, documentation and tutorials
  • Open-source

Leave the rest to us

And focus on building your core features

Serverless functions

Every project has access to our Github Serverless bot. It integrates seeamlessly with your Github repo. Every push to master is compiled into an AWS Lambda automatically.


In-built authentication that supports email/password, social and magic link. More coming soon.

GraphQL API and Hasura console

GraphQL API on to of your PostgresDB and SDKs to call your data. We provide a Hasura console which GraphQLises your data automatically.


Each project comes with a PostgreSQL db with 8 GB minimum storage

Picture of the Appsync
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